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These savers are furious - why did no-one tell them?

These savers are furious

If you’ve £24,000 or more in a bank or building society, read this immediately…

I’m no mind reader, but I think I know your answer to these questions...

Does it make sense leaving all your savings in a bank account?

And does it make sense earning nothing in a bank?

Of course not!

As these customers of Northern Rock will agree, there’s no such thing as secure savings.

And as everyone also knows, banks have stopped paying any interest on current and savings accounts!

But did you know, that since 2011, over 500+ savers have enjoyed

  • Guaranteed 7.50% interest
  • Cash income every month
  • Free motorhome holidays

And unlike a bank account, your money is legally secured to a valuable asset in your own name.

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Why not you?

If you’ve £24,000 or more in a bank or savings account, simply complete the form below to find out how to get 7.50% interest and free holidays!

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