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A lot of our customers have never actually used a motorhome before, and there are a lot of features that make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. So, we have put together a series of rent a motorhome guides to help explain what all the features are and how to use them properly.

Below is a shortlist of guides on rent a motorhome features explaining how to operate each component of the vehicle. All of the below guides come with printable instructions and a video.

As with all things, there is usually a right way and a wrong way to do them; with motorhomes, there a few things that you need to know how to use in order for ensure that you don't damage the vehicle or put yourself at risk. Below is a list of all of the vehicle features that you will encounter on your rent a motorhome holiday and a brief explanation of what you will find in the guide.

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Rent a motorhome Exterior and Interior Features videos

Rent a motorhome - The 3 Berth Motorhome Variations

Please watch this video to learn how to best operate the slightly different features

Rent a motorhome - Bonnet and Engine

This video demonstrates how to open the Bonnet and access the Engine

Rent a motorhome - Checking the Exterior

Before setting off from any location - you must check that the Motorhome is safe to drive away

Rent a motorhome
The Fuel Cap

This video demonstrates how open the fuel cap to put Diesel into your motorhome

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