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Exterior and Interior Features videos

Rent a motorhome - The 3 Berth Motorhome Variations

Please watch this video to learn how to best operate the slightly different features

Rent a motorhome - Bonnet and Engine

This video demonstrates how to open the Bonnet and access the Engine

Rent a motorhome - Checking the Exterior

Before setting off from any location - you must check that the Motorhome is safe to drive away

Rent a motorhome - The Fuel Cap

This video demonstrates how open the fuel cap to put Diesel into your motorhome

Connecting to Mains Electricity

This video shows you the steps you need to take to get electricity live in your Motorhome

Fire Extinguisher

For your safety, your Motorhome is fitted with a Fire Extinguisher immediately under the bench seat

The Garage Door

Please check this video for a demo on how to open, close and secure your garage door

Garage Storage

Our Motorhomes have a lot of hidden space learn how to access it in this helpful video

Connecting the Gas Bottle

Assure the gas valve is turned off before you process and follow this easy tutorial

Heating Systems Vent

In order for the heating system to work - you need to remove the Heating Vent Cover

The Keys

To help you easily access all areas of your Motorhome watch this simple guide

Parking on the Chocs

We supply leveling chocs for you to level out your Motorhome

Starting the Vehicle

Helpful video on starting the vehicle and using the handbrake in your Motorhome.

Toilet Cassette

The Toilet Cassette is designed to be removed from your Motorhome and emptied

Waste Water Tank

This helpful tutorial shows you how to open and activate the draining of your waste water tank.

Filling the Water Tank

You can easily fill the water tank with a hose for use in your Motorhome taps and toilet.

The Washroom

Watch this useful video on how to assure your Washroom is ready for use


Please take care when operating the hob and grill, be sure to turn off the gas once you have finished

The Fridge

This video shows you how to use the fastening clip, what power source to use and how to change it

Diner Table & Bed

You can cover the Diner Table into a bed, follow this easy to video guide and you can rest easy

Front Bunk Double Bed

The use the forward double bed - follow these simple instructions for a comfy night sleep

The Television

The TV has an adjustable tilt-able wall mount, ensure to check for the locking nut before driving away

The TV Ariel

It's simple to tilt the ariel for the best picture but be sure to return the antenna before driving away

Electrical Panel

How to switch on power, lights, TV, water pump, sockets and how to check mains are connected and live

The Heating System

This video guide shows you how to use these facilities for heating, hot water and cool air

The Main Door

The Habitation Door has a secure lock, fly screen and storage, please follow this guide

Interior Roof Vent

 Only open the roof light vent when stationery and be sure to close it before driving off


Watch this video to learn how to properly and safely open, close and secure the  different windows